Heathrow Airport Valet Parking

Drop Off Instructions


There is a 10 mins window within the arrival areas given to us for vehicle collection. Therefore timing is essential, anyone arriving early or late must inform easy valet parking that this will be the case and obtain agreement from that it’s okay to arrive at the alternative time.

Please validate the Car park ticket and hand it hand it over to the driver at the point of Meet.

Contact us on the operation number below when you're about 20 mins away from the drop off time. Operations: 075 3050 0009 (Text or Voice Mails will not be checked due to high volume of calls).


Terminal 2 - Post Code for SAT NAV - TW6 1EW

Driving from M4 
Exit at Junction 4, taking the M4 Spur: (Southbound) to Terminals 1, 2 & 3 follow signs for Short Stay car parks. To make your journey easier, we advise staying right on the M4 Spur: Lane 3 for remaining 1.5 miles, being the most efficient lane for orientation to Terminal 2. At traffic lights continue straight ahead, maintaining the right-hand lane passing into the main tunnel... (continue from (A third paragraph)

Driving from M25
Exit at Junction 14; follow the signs for Terminals 1, 2 & 3 all the way round the Western Perimeter Road. Go through the main tunnel to the Central Terminal Area for Terminals 1, 2 & 3. Exiting the tunnel... (Continue from (A) next paragraph)

(A) Keep right, passing the Central Bus Station, joining the final approaches to Terminal 2 on Cosmopolitan Way. Again, keep right as the road to Terminal 2 will move away from building, before turning back as the road ramps up to Terminal 2 Departures & the Short Stay 2 car park on Constellation Way. On the rising ramp, continue to keep right as the ramp will lead directly into the Short stay car park on Level 2 offering 6-Lane entry barriers. Drive down 2 rounds down until you have come to Level 2 and proceed to row A and B.


Heathrow Terminal 3 - Post Code for SAT NAV - TW6 3QG

Driving from M4
Exit at Junction 4 leave the motorway heading towards Heathrow Airport (Terminals 1, 2 and 3). Take M4 (Spur road) towards Heathrow Airport Junction 4a and continue straight ahead through the tunnel... (Continue from (A) third paragraph)

Driving from M25
Exit at Junction 14, follow the signs for Terminals 1, 2 & 3 all the way round the Western Perimeter Road. Go through the main tunnel... (Continue from (A) next paragraph)

(A) First set of traffic lights and then follow the signs for Terminal 3 and Short Stay Parking. Keeping in the middle lane, drive around the side of Short Stay Car Park 3. Take the outer forecourt lane (far right hand lane) adjacent to the Short Stay car park (do not enter into the car park. Any occurring fee will be asked to pay by you).


Heathrow Terminal 4 - Post Code for SAT NAV - TW6 3XA

Driving from M4
Leave at junction 3 follow the signs for A312 Heathrow. Continue along the A312 through one traffic light junction for approximately 1 mile until reaching the Waggoner’s roundabout. Continue to the Junction with the A30 and turn right. Pass through two sets of traffic lights and take the Terminal 4 slip road which will be on the left... (Continue from (A) third paragraph)

Driving from M25
Leave at junction 14 follow signs to Terminal 4 along Airport way (A3113). At the next roundabout / traffic light junctions go straight across onto the Southern Perimeter Road. Cross the next roundabout and travel through three sets of traffic lights... (Continue from (A) Next paragraph)

(A) At the Terminal 4 Roundabout follow signs for Departures and follow lane A is the furthest lane located on the Departures (upper) forecourt.


Heathrow Terminal 5 - Post Code for SAT NAV - TW6 2GA

Driving from M4
Leave at J4b follow signs to M25 and leave at junction 14 to Terminal 5. At the Terminal 5 roundabout... (Continue from (A) third paragraph)

Driving from M25
Leave at J14 following signs to Terminal 5... (Continue from (A) next paragraph)

(A) At the Terminal 5 roundabout take the second exit (straight) and proceed up the ramp, Bear right following signs for Short Stay and Passenger Pick up and stay in left hand lane and follow signs for Level 4 to the entrance barrier. Enter into the car park and follow the signs to R or S.